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Find your dream investment

Which asset do you like best? – You choose the asset that suits you best and invest the amount you want – from 500 euros while stocks last.

You invest and get digital shares

After your investment has been approved and the financing phase has been completed, you will be credited with digital shares. You can always keep an eye on the performance of your investment via your dashboard!

You buy & sell your digital shares

You buy digital shares or offer your digital shares for sale via the secondary market. This is independent of the term of your investment and even free of charge.

How does FINEXITY work?

Invest anytime with the app

Invest anytime with the app

You invest in real values via our marketplace. Either in new products during the financing phase or you buy shares in products that have already been financed on the secondary market. You can also offer your digital shares for sale there at any time.

  • Download the FINEXITY app.
  • Invest in the asset you like.
  • You can trade digital shares at any time - and free of charge!

Strictly selected real assets

Strictly selected real assets

We offer you access to exclusive, rare and strictly selected real assets. Our experts examine and select the best alternative investments for your perfect investment through our partner network.

Our product categories:

  • Property
  • Works of art
  • Weine
  • Diamanten
  • Oldtimer (Classic Cars)
  • Private Equity

Europe's first trading place for real assets!

Europe's first trading place for real assets!

New products are financed first in a financing phase. During this phase, you invest from €500 at €1.00 per digital share.

Buy and sell your digital shares through the secondary market! - even free of charge and at any time, even during the term of your investment.

OTC peer-to-peer trading offers unprecedented flexibility and liquidity compared to classic real asset investments. This trading place for security tokens is unique in Europe.

About us and our vision

With FINEXITY we fight for the liberalization of the investment industry. The rich are getting richer? Now it is your turn!

We want to give everyone the opportunity to create a portfolio of exclusive and rare items that you otherwise have little access to. Regardless of whether you are wealthy or an expert.

FINEXITY is your expert for the long-term accumulation of your wealth.

In the last three years we have financed more than 65 products and raised more than 25 million euros. More than 9,000 customers trust the No. 1 platform for alternative investments.

*annualisierte Performance: Investment in DE-HH-01 und dem Verkauf auf dem Sekundärmarkt am 25.09.2021

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