Classic Car Meets

Classic cars as an engine for your portfolio

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The 3 Most Important Reasons for Classic Cars as an Attractive Asset Class

Value maintenance & performance

Due to its natural scarcity and high demand, the classic car market has stable value and the opportunity for above-average returns.

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Diversification & Security

As capital goods, classic cars are particularly interesting because of their relatively low dependence on the capital market.

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Emotionality & Status

Due to the representative and emotional power of his vehicles and the prosperous group of buyers, the price premiums are higher than for traditional asset classes.

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How do I Benefit from Classic Cars as an Asset Class?

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The demand for attractive classic cars is high worldwide. This, together with the long-term investment horizon and the illiquidity of the classic car market, has a very positive effect on value development. As soon as a classic car is sold, you as a pro rata owner benefit from this increase in value.

High international demand

Low correlation with the capital market

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Expertise & Network

Our experienced and globally represented partner network of leading industry experts, appraisers, valuers, insurers and collectors enables an optimal selection of cars. In addition, this assistance ensures highest standards in safekeeping, administration and care.

International partnerships

Experienced specialists

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Tax-optimized Storage

The storage has been approved by tax and toll authorities and allows us to store the assets under exemption of the import VAT due, thus providing an even higher return for our investors. More importantly, we offer our investors the unique opportunity to view their investment on site by appointment.

Exemption from turnover tax in bonded warehouses

On-site viewing (by appointment)

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Our Investment Criteria for Automotive Investments

Market value

Current and past market prices are of central importance in the selection of classic cars. Ideally, the focus should be on particularly rare or original models that can record a steady performance.

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Substance testing is about ensuring that the substance is in its original condition. The value prospects are particularly promising for models that are characterised by small numbers, technical refinements or outstanding history.

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To ensure the authenticity of a classic car and the seller information, a complete vehicle history is essential. Every detail of the entire life cycle of the vehicle plays an important role in determining its value.

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Investment Process in Automotive Real Assets

Screening for capital goods
Reaching the funding threshold
Take out insurance
Conclusion of the purchase contract
Safekeeping in a special workshop
Maintenance and professional care
Profit-taking through sales
Continuous performance