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Luxusuhren für Ihr zeitgemäßes Portfolio

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The 3 most important reasons for watches as an attractive asset class

Value retention & value development

Due to the natural scarcity of many models in combination with high demand, the watch market has a high level of value stability and offers the opportunity for above-average returns.

Diversification & Security

As capital goods, watches are particularly convincing due to their low dependence on the capital market.

Emotionality and status

Due to the representative and emotional power of luxury watches and the wealthy group of buyers, the price premiums are higher than with traditional asset classes.

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How do I benefit from watches as an asset class?

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The demand for luxury watches is high worldwide and the Asian market in particular is showing strong growth. In addition to the natural shortage, watch manufacturers are creating an artificial excess demand, which has a positive effect on secondary market prices. In addition, the long-term investment horizon and the illiquidity of the watch market have a very positive effect on performance. As soon as the watches are sold, you benefit from this increase in value like an owner.

Growing watch market

Low correlation to the capital market

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Expertise & Network

Our experienced and globally represented partner network of leading industry experts, appraisers, appraisers, insurers and collectors enables an optimal selection of watches. In addition, with this help, custody, management and maintenance are ensured at the highest level and the best possible time of sale is also anticipated in order to achieve the maximum return.

International partnerships

Experienced specialists

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Professional storage

Watches are stored and managed in a high security locker facility. The sum insured per locker is 2 million euros, a rarity on the market that is achieved through extremely high security requirements! Humidity, temperature and general room climate are meticulously controlled in this facility in order to guarantee optimal preservation of the stored assets.

Protection by high security locker

Maintaining value through room climate monitoring

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Our investment criteria

Market value

Current and past market prices are of central importance when selecting watches. Ideally, these are particularly rare or original models that can record a steady increase in value.


The substance test is about ensuring that the condition is true to the original. The prospects for value are particularly promising when it comes to models that stand out because of their small numbers, technical refinements or history.


In order to be able to ensure the authenticity of a watch and the seller's information, a complete history is essential. Every detail of the watch's entire life cycle plays an important role in determining its value.

Investment process in real watch assets

Screening for capital goods
Reaching the funding threshold
conclusion of the insurance
conclusion of the purchase contract
High Security Locker
Continuous performance
Taking Profits by Selling
Market screening for the most effective sale