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Real estate as the foundation for your portfolio

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Why invest in real estate with FINEXITY?

Access to exclusive properties

Invest in curated blue-chip artwork.

Invest free of charge

There are only fees at your bank.

No minimum term

24/7 tradability of your digital shares via our secondary market.

Returns from 5% p.a.

Diversify your portfolio with attractive real assets.

Contact person

Personal contact is very important to us.

How does it work?

Strict selection by FINEXITY

We continuously review new investment options and subject each project to a strict six-stage review process. Only 3% of all options considered pass this and get onto our marketplace.

Registration and personal advice

As soon as you have registered with FINEXITY, you will have a personal contact at your side. He will inform you in detail about our projects and answer all open questions about the investment process.

Professional management

We take care of professional management, administration and leasing with optimized return opportunities throughout the entire investment period.

Continuous performance and profit-taking through sales

We keep you informed about the development of your investment. You can flexibly sell your shares at any time via our secondary market.

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Real estate investment guide

Here you can find out everything you need to know about real estate as an asset class!

We have compiled the background to the real estate market as well as the current market developments, risk classes and our analysis criteria.

We also examined the investment motives and factors influencing the real estate market.

Register now without obligation and secure a free real estate investment guide!

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Everything on one platform

As a relatively new investor, I don't have the necessary knowledge and time to continuously seek out good investment opportunities, or I simply lack access to the asset class. Now I trust FINEXITY to help me select investments and save time in the process.

Sabine H.


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Legal disclaimer:

This investment contains high risks and can result in a complete loss of your invested capital.